(Inspired) from Cannes with love and glam ✨

Last Saturday, walking with my bestie downtown we bumped into a fashion exhibition. I had just finished complaining about "nothing arty happens here ever" when we raised our eyes to discovered a multi colored exhibition of haute couture. Ironic, I know, but isn't this life?

At least something arty is happening this weekend.Tapis_rouge_cannes_Inspired_fashion_Exhibition

But what is this exactly? Well, according to the local news site: "20 designers of the older and younger generations  of Thessaloniki and other cities, were invited to design unique creations, drawing inspiration from the iconic red carpet of Cannes." Oooh, classy! I like it! 

Shall we see?


It seems that we enjoed a variety of styles. Drama, glam, funky, sexy, classy. 

My favorite is the one at the entrace of the exhibition, which I left for the end. Grand finale.


A total white halter neck open back gown, with a special detail. See the stitches starting from the neckline going all the wy down to the hem. Let's have a closer look:


The aha moment! 90° degrees rectangle shaped external pleats. Are these even pleats? I am not sure. But the word seems to match the feeling. 😅

An innovative desing by Christian P. 

 That's all for today. I am closing my laptop ang going to live something to worth writing for. 

Have a nice day.