How to Download & Unzip Pattern Files

✨ Our patterns files come in ZIP form. To access them download at laptop / PC instead of mobile. First use an unzip program to access the files.

✨ Then, you can open them in any reader program. We recommend using Adobe Reader, which you can download for free here:

✨ Patterns with multiple sizes, have multiple layers. Each layer is a different size. For one size patterns this doesn't apply.

✨ Each size has two parallel lines, the pattern and the seam allowance (1 cm, unless otherwise pictured). 

Slecting layers on PDF pattern. Each layer is a different size.

Deselect the sizes you don't want, by clicking the 👁️

Always keep selected: (1) your size, (2) Always Print, (3) A4 and (4) Marks & Bleeds.

✨ Always print at 100% scale!

✨ If you don't use Adobe Reader or can't access the layers print in color and let the color of your size guide you through the pattern.

✨ Lastly, if the above doesn't work, use a marker to draw your size.