Working with stretch fabrics



  • 25% is the minimum of stretch fabrics. Usually fabrics in this category are: sweater fabrics, fleece and more. Used in tops, sweaters, jogger pants, some types of dresses and skirts. (not fitted)
  • 50% stretch fabric is used for fitted. Outfits such as tops, t-shirts, dresses, pants (even without zippers) tops. Also used in draped garments.
  • 75% stretch is usually used in sportswear. Mostly leggings, athletic bras and bodysuits, catsuits, etc. Usually, if not always these fabrics are 4 way stretch.
  • 100% stretch id definetaly a 4 way stretch knit. Used in sportwear and swimwear mostly. These fabrics have usually a high percentage in spandex or lycra.


What is recovery of a knitted fabric?
It is the fabric ability to get back to its original shape after stretch.

What type of fabrics have a good recovery?
Fabrics that have a high percentage in spandex or lycra. If you are not sure about a fabric' recovery measure it before and after stretch to test how well it returns to its original shape.

Where are fabrics with good recovery used?
In all garments where tight fit is important. Such garments are sportwear, bodysuits, catsuits, bras, sport shorts or leggings, swimwear.

What about the fabrics with not so good recovery?
In all garments where a knitted fabric can be used but a tight fit is not important. Such as tops, sweaters, hoodies, jogger pants, some type of dresses, skirts, etc.